The Fine Art of Playing with Rock

Since I jumped back into the creative process, I’ve been trying to push the envelope and refine what skills I posses. A few months ago, a member of the climbing coalition for my local crag reached out to me for my thoughts on some design work. I was asked if I had any classical training from an artistic perspective and if I had any experience with creating graphics or logo’s. I made mention of my history in the design world and the degree that I obtained, and that helped the idea of doing design work gain some traction. After a few brief discussions, I was offered the chance to create and design the shirt for Johnny and Alex Trail Day, one of the largest annual events that the Red River Gorge Climbers Coalition hosts.

I’ve been looking for a specific way to give back to the community that has given me so much over the years, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. From thumbnail sketches, to rough full sized drafts, to narrowing down the layout and font type/size, things slowly came together. The morning of the event, right before registration, the finished product arrived. I spent the rest of the day with everyone else, working in 90+ degree heat, moving rocks, logs, and earth to make the areas that we love more sustainable. Giving back to the community while also seeing a talent of mine being enjoyed by everyone was very fulfilling.

Many thanks to the RRGCC for giving me the opportunity to contribute!

JATD shirt for blog

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