Rediscovery of an artistic side

After a 20 year hiatus from any kind of fine art or design work, I had an odd and overwhelming surge of inspiration. My love of climbing and outdoor adventure over the years led me to experiment with combining art, nature, and my favorite activity. Using ordinary printer paper and 2 random office pens, I set out to see just how well I could translate this activity. Only after I felt it was completed did I realize that maybe, just maybe, some people might like this. Not in the way of the inner mom voice “oh, sweetie, it’s amazing, let’s put it on the fridge”, but in more of an adult appreciation of effort and some really rusted talent, begging to be polished and oiled.

Let the polishing begin….

Melody at the NRG

I am classically trained in art and design. With that training, I find or take pictures that inspire me and I create my own interpretations of them.

My primary style of texture and shading is a mixture of hatching, crosshatching, and/or stippling.. Unless otherwise noted, I use Micron Pens with a diameter ranging from .05 to .8 in black and grey.

My medium of choice is pen & ink. Canvas is all on 8.5″ x 11″ acid-free paper (although drawing space can vary.)