When I first started climbing, I was a top rope gumby, full of minor, yet important accomplishments. I had no idea what trad climbing was, let alone any kind of sport or lead climbing. I was months away from making my first trip to any real rock, and that was still basic top rope in a small crag in John Bryant State Park. However minuscule, it only fueled the fire of my passion (obsession? addiction?). A colleague asked me randomly if I had a 5 or 10 year goal. I honestly had no idea, I was just living in the moment and enjoying things as I got the opportunity. She made mention of Devils Tower and on a whim, I kinda thought… 5 years from now, why not? Then I started doing research about it and realized that it was a whole different kind of animal than what I had been doing for the previous 3 months. It’s been on my mind since then and the planning for a trip next year is under way.

Devils Tower

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