I’ve never really drawn anything from a video before. Still images are usually my forte. I appreciate being able to reference all of the minute details a million times during the creation of a piece, and using a video for that seemed rather tricky.

There was a scene that really caught my eye and the idea of “I bet I can pull that off” wouldn’t leave my head. The only real concern was the unknown amount of time that I might need to dedicate to it in order to make it something that I could be proud of.

Where The Wild Things Play really got my attention.

I got 1/2 way through the rendering when I completely realized that I have NO idea who the woman is. This is where I got a little uneasy. I started using reverse image searches and thinking of every google key word I could think of. Then one evening, as I was discussing this predicament with my friends, two of them used the credits in the video and the internet to find Heather Larsen. Why I didn’t check the credits is still a mystery to me…

Heather Larsen

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