Fun. That’s essentially what it’s all about, right? Fun. That’s why we do what we do. We physically assault our entire body every time we grab a hold. No matter if it happens to be a fake wall in a gym, or the amazing sandstone of the Red River Gorge. We shred our skin, tear muscles, rip tendons. We leave blood, sweat, and tears on the walls.

Yes, this is FUN.

This is fun because of the people that we elect to spend our time with. The people who encourage. The people who share our pain. The people who celebrate our ridiculous accomplishments. The only people on the planet who know how to translate “lock off with the right while you have the left heel-hook and make a dead-point lunge to the crimp high left, it’s totally bomber if you can stick it!” In short, the people who provide the essence that makes this sport fun… STOKE.

Justin is rarely lacking in that department. The man is encouraging, driven, lighthearted, educated, and just overall FUN. He has an uncanny ability to remember beta down to a single move/sequence on a route that he has only touched once, and always ready to share (only when requested).

Justin “J-Train” Miniard

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