Fail Faster

I’ve been occupied over the past few weeks with the idea of pushing my boundaries and getting outside of my comfort zone.

Since the vast majority of my work is black & white, the natural assumption is to add color into the mix and eventually build up to doing a full color piece.

Me being the artist that I am, decided to push the envelope with a subject that held the full spectrum. Not my greatest idea.


My idea was simple: instead of utilizing the tedious task of a pointillism approach for the background, I opted to use blending markers for what I imagined was going to be a seamless transition from deep blue to an aqua-marine. What reality provided me was a blotchy mess of colors that appeared to have been finger pained by a 3rd grader (apologies to all of the 3rd graders out there, this is self-deprecating and not intended to offend you.)

Then I remembered viewing this:

After licking my wounded pride, I reached out to a fellow designer and tried to wrap my head around the time that I put in, and the result that was FAR from what I imagined I would produce. I was curious to see what her thoughts were regarding the output that we expect to provide vs the output that we actually provide.

She provided me this:

”I remember being told that same thing in college. ‘Fail faster’ was our mantra. You could get to that 1 in a 1,000,000 idea sooner if you got the other 999,999 crappy ideas out of the way faster. ”

Fail Faster.


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