From El Cap to Everest, this woman does it all.

Emily Harrington seems to be the embodiment of an all around adventurer. Her website and Wikipedia page tell more (and do her more justice) than I could really ever hope to.

The closest I’ve come to meeting her in person was eating at a table adjacent for a late lunch at the Red River Rockhouse in Kentucky after a long day of cragging a few days after Rocktoberfest. She was there with Sasha DiGiulian just being about as casual as anyone else. I’ll reluctantly admit that my climbing partner kept me from going full fanboy and interrupting their meal by asking for a picture. I elected to kept my distance and just kind of observed that, while her skill level and experience dwarf my own, everyone in that restaurant had something very specific in common: we are all climbers, all part of the same tribe. We all share the same anxieties, put on the same kind of gear, and love the same activity. We are all drawn to the mountains, regardless of reason, and we all find enjoyment being there.


My interpretation of Matty Hong’s pic that captured Harrington’s emotion after she put away Mind Control (5.14c) in Oliana.

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