Cover Art

Back in the spring I received a unique request. Word of mouth had spread regarding the artwork that I was starting to share and I was put in touch with a group of recording artists who were wanting some cover art completed.

They had some work done by an artist, but felt that samples provided weren’t a good representation of the kind of music that they had put together.. so they went looking for a different approach.

We got put in contact and after I listened to their work, I felt that I could put something together that they could connect with.

After the revision phases of the design process was complete, we all walked away satisfied with the resulting collaboration.

I had wanted to share the cover art for some time, but I wanted to provide something tangible to accompany the release. After all, ANYONE can make a design and release it to the public, but without a destination it simply becomes a foolish share. Like, “Hey, I made this, but I have no proof that I made it for a real person”. Not that making something for nothing is bad, but if it is a deviation from what the public has become accustomed to, it can raise eyebrows.

I digress, let’s get back on track. Joseph Cox reached out to me to design the cover art for their group Jacot Park and the release of their EP: Forgotten Tracks.
Check them out here!

Jacot Park: Forgotten Tracks

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