Last winter, one of my closest friends in the Cincinnati area approached me with an idea. He had just returned from a particularly memorable trip out west and he had taken a few pictures that he saw a lot of potential in.

I’ve intentionally stayed away from soliciting for commissions, especially when the source of the request is someone that I hold in high regard. I am definitely a cliche when it comes to the process of evaluating my own work, and I generally prefer to keep money out of any kind of artistic transaction, particularly when it involves people that I am close to. Presents and pleasant surprises tend to elicit a reaction that is pretty fulfilling and I try to be content with that.

The usual insecurities pop up: I am not THAT good, my work is more of a party-trick, there are far more talented people out there than myself, nothing I produce is really quality enough to attach a dollar figure to, etc etc. The list goes on and on.

I decided to make an exception with this particular request. I rationalized that the challenges I would face with the project itself would be a good exercise in stepping outside my comfort zone. Worst case scenario: sorry dude, it just didn’t turn out the way I hoped and I can’t gift you something that I don’t approve of.

I’m pleased to say that things went well.Drawing301035

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