I sometimes have a bad habit of thinking up large projects without realizing the time and effort that is required to bring them together. That, and jumping into the details of a medium and making things sometimes harder than they need to be. With getting more into pyrography, I wanted to test my personal boundaries and get out of my comfort zone. I’m confident that I accomplished that with this piece.

I’ve also run into the conundrum that I’ll be listing all of these pieces as originals for sale. It’s a bit startling for me because I’m very used to only selling prints and not originals. The commitment of needing to make something that will turn out nice enough for anyone to want to purchase is quite daunting and triggers a lot of feelings surrounding imposter syndrome. 

Going out on a limb with these pieces is scary, but overall, that’s a part of life and I’m working on getting better.

Thanks for your support everyone!

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