El Capitan

The next in this progression of a new medium for me, El Cap seemed the logical step forward. I’ve drawn enough of this granite monolith from a pen & ink standpoint to have the confidence and do it justice. I used an entry-level burner for the first 70% and realized that it was just becoming a time-suck. With needing 15 minutes to heat up to optimal temperature, losing it’s heat quickly between “brush strokes” and not the greatest insulation on the handle of the tool itself, it seemed time for an upgrade. I wish I had made that decision sooner.

The difference in creative tools an utility is pretty vast. I’m often reluctant to “treat myself” to the latest and greatest simply because I’m never sure how long I’ll be interested in the activity. Growing up with profound ADD taught me that my interests will change on a dime, sometimes for no real reason. I’m very aware of my unpredictable attention span and it causes some profound issues in life. Most of those are overcome, but the reminder is there 24/7. Hell, I refused to buy an adequate automobile for going down the ‘lode hill for a year because I knew that my interest could fade and I’d be stuck with a car that I wouldn’t need the utility for. Making the hike down and back up for 3 seasons was a workout but also needed in order to convince myself that some things are a pretty safe investment.

So, back to the point at hand… what I learned with this one: get the tools that you need to do the job well. Sometimes that’s a gamble, but if you never try, you’ll never win.

El Capitan – Pyrography

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