Ancient Art (revisited)

I’m laid up, injured and slowly healing from a shoulder surgery. It’s a 6 month recovery process, the longest break I’ve taken from being active since I rediscovered myself in a new passionate activity 7 years ago. I took a 20 year break from any kind of fine art because I just didn’t have the drive or the interest in being creative. There was always a better and I didn’t want to pour effort into something that I could only be mediocre at. I mean, if I can’t hold my head up to something that I invest time and energy into, then what’s the point right?

Suddenly being restricted from doing the activities that bring me joy, it lead me to question any kind of artistic/creative drive. Would it be there? Would I even be in the mood to create? Maybe, maybe not. Most of my followers have pointed me to creativity in the recovery process. You’ll be able to focus so much of your time on your art. While that is true, time alone has never been the determining factor. When you are motivated enough, you tend to MAKE the time, regardless of whatever obligations you may have. The effort becomes the priority. I’ve never been able to force that with a positive result. When I try to force something, I face the possibility of getting burned out, or being profoundly dissatisfied with the end result. If I’m toked on something, it’ll usually turn out. It’s just the way it works.

I’ve been sitting on a few of these wooden “canvasses” that I put together last year, unsure exactly what to put onto them. They are totally unique, as I’ve yet to see anyone else make a similar style (despite copious google searches), and that led me to be overly cautious with what to create with them. They are designed without the intention of sanding off a burned image, so there’s no reset button.

I wasn’t sure that Ancient Art would work for the available surface area. With some poking and prodding from a friend (thanks Abby), I just decided to go for it. Not too much else to do right now regardless and at the time I started it, the COVID-19 precautions were just beginning. Once I got started with it, it felt pretty decent, like I had to actually get moving into order to reassure myself that I could produce something decent.

Next step, I have to actually get out and climb the damn thing. Fingers crossed for 2021!


Ancient Art

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