Climbing Magazine

Since I started this creative endeavor, I didn’t really expect it to amount to much. Truth be told, I was pretty stoked when I was able to break even with the cost of art supplies being what they are. The website domain and hosting expense as well as just having the motivation and inspiration to continue to create was feeling a little steep at times, but I decided that I needed to continue while the creativity was still coming along. At the very least, it provided me with a regular project to keep my attention. I could take a small break to regroup focus and the only one I had to answer to was myself. Let’s be real, I’ll never be able to make a lifelong sustainable career out of this, but it’s a fun way to look back on what I spent my time doing and see the results of some of that work.

Then, things changed.

Over the holidays, Climbing Magazine reached out to me, asking if I would like to be one of their featured artists for their Rock Art section of the magazine.

I didn’t solicit their attention, I didn’t tag them on social media. In fact, I would regularly see the artists that they had featured over the years and couldn’t imagine that I would ever hold a torch to ANY of them. There must be some mistake, I’m not THAT good or that popular. I might be a big fish in a small pond, but I’m not worthy of national attention… am I?

It’s tough to face the fact that this is all happening during a national pandemic that has closed all of the in person outlets for people to buy or see the article themselves. Generally with this kind of level of recognition, it only happens once. I’m lucky to have an amazing network of friends and supporters that are really stoked regardless and that feels absolutely amazing. It does leave me to wonder what it would have been like had things been “normal” but I suppose that I’ll never know.

So, things have changed. It will be interesting to see where they go from here.

I’m featured in their 50th anniversary issue! Link is below.

Subscribe, or buy the issue for the whole interview 👍

Climbing Magazine Article
(subscribe to read the whole thing, or find it on the shelves)

Headshot by: Derson Vogel

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