It’s difficult to find and maintain. I’m proving to be pretty horrible at it, but that doesn’t mean I can always strive.

It’s been a roller coaster of a year and it’s not yet halfway over. Being thrown entirely out of my comfort zone has made me really have to search to find alternatives to keep my attention since the entirety of the climbing world had closed its doors. While exercising creativity helps, it’s certainly no substitute. I needed to constantly reassure myself that the interruption was entirely temporary, and it seems as though it could be.

Meanwhile, I’ve discovered that using every available scrap of wooden canvas can be fulfilling in and of itself. Waste not want not, right?

I saw this randomly online and thought it would be fun to burn. Koi are pretty elegant and I’ve been meaning to make a design with one, this is a good start and helps to remind everyone that like it or not, life is all about balance.

Please never stop looking for yours.

Koi Yin-Yang

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