July Ink

Nearing closer to the end… one more month to go.

Warm Welcome

About a year ago I noticed a new construction project happening on my weekend trips to the Red River Gorge. … More

Whipping Winnie

Continuing the expansion of the 100 Acre Woods theme… *more to come


From El Cap to Everest, this woman does it all. Emily Harrington seems to be the embodiment of an all … More


I’m taking my first trip to Colorado in a few weeks and this mountain range has been on my mind. … More

June Ink

It’s difficult to be creative right now…


Recent commission and my first pet piece. Same dog, just two different angles.

May Ink

Doing my best to continue, the goal is still to make an entire year of these and see what can … More


Most humans run from it. Very few go searching for it. One woman embraces it. Amanda Smith hit my radar … More