A Year of Inktober

In late 2017 I decided, on a whim, to put a little bit of effort into a trend of “Inktober“. … More

Will Stanhope

Having never met the man, I can only draw speculation from the climbing documentaries that I’ve seen of him. The … More

Alpine Eeyore

Continuing the theme of climbing and the cast of the 100 acre woods… I’m still running into a struggle with … More


Years ago, when I first stumbled upon climbing, I did what most noobs do.. I watched a LOT of climbing … More

Final month of ink

I started the Inktober challenge a year ago and for whatever reason, it just kinda clicked. With the encouragement of … More

August Ink

One more month to go and this phase of a large project will be complete…

July Ink

Nearing closer to the end… one more month to go.

Warm Welcome

About a year ago I noticed a new construction project happening on my weekend trips to the Red River Gorge. … More

Whipping Winnie

Continuing the expansion of the 100 Acre Woods theme… *more to come